Your Own URL Shortener
We are offering a free service to shorten long and complex URLs much like TinyURL & Bitly are providing, but with much more features and we offer this service using your own Domain Name as a dedicated service or as an addition to your existing site's activity.

You can add your own logo, or even use your own template to keep your current design.
The best part is you can starting serving your own ads from day 1 and begin earning money.

In order to fully incorporate the service with your current website or applications, we support an API (Application Program Interface) with various commands for easy of use.

Setup is quick and easy and only takes few minutes.


And remember the service is absolutely free.

We host the service; we take care of the scripts and maintain the servers and databases.


Below is a list of sites using our service (partial list), check them out to see how the service works:



Read below about of service options.

Enter your e-mail address below to get started:
* You will be receiving a confirmation e-mail to validate your e-mail address and after that you will be prompt to create your account
* By pressing SIGNUP I confirm I read the terms of usage and I agree to them

You have 3 options:

Use one common sub-domain for all your needs, it will be 

Your users will have unlimited usage of

Only one small DNS update is needed.

No installation of ANY files.


Use many sub-domains with sub-folders, it will be http://* 

Your users will have unlimited usage of

Only one small DNS update is needed.

No installation of ANY files.


This option is used when obtain a domain for the sole purpose of serving Short URLs with it.

Use many sub-domains with sub-folders and also sub-folders without sub-domains., it will be or http://*

Your users will have unlimited usage of your domain for shortening URLs in any way they choose.

There are two options here:

1) We host your domain for free; you will only need to point the name servers at your registrar to our name servers.  OR

2) You will host your domain yourself; in that case there are two things needed:

  • Only one small DNS update is needed.
  • This option requires installation of 2 small files and needs the Mod_Rewrite module active on the web-host.


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